One Guess where the newest Fjallraven store has popped up here in NYC! 

Great gear, good drinks, and some fun vibes spun from @lesliekirch. 

@fjallravenusa to follow this incredible company as they race to the top of todays trekking, outdoor gear scene. With a code of conduct rooted deep in sustainability, environmental activism and safe humane production practices, it is impossible not to love their products, their message, and their goals! "A healthier outdoor life now, and for future generations".- Aiko Bode, Fjallravens Chief Sustainability Officer.... I mean they have a damn Sustainability Officer, I didn't even know that was a thing. 



A recent trip to Barbados, left me even more obsessed with the ocean ( if this is possible). From Hawksbill Sea turtles to Sunken ships, the most poisonous fish in the world (stonefish) to the dumbest of squirrel fish, Barbados's waters where teaming with beauty, as was the mainland. So to keep it simple, I'm breaking it down into a few posts. Today I dedicate this simple collage to the Hawksbill sea Turtles of the Carribean Sea. 

* Tip for the day - If your a strong swimmer and have some goggles and a pair of fins with you, don't spend the money to go on turtle tours. The trick is to find out where they go, and hit the beaches these boats go to. When you see the boats approaching throw on the fins and swim out. These boats feed ( for better or for worse) the turtles, many of whom sore in when they hear the boats approaching. 

You'll need to hang till the fat floating tourists get bored with the cute little guys. But once they loose interest, or stamina ( this usually happens first), they will all hop in the boats and cruise to the next location leaving you with your own little dudes to cruise with. 

These little guys will swim right up to you if your calm. The turtle man below literally grazed Katie as he ducked below her at the last second.

My Gf Katie was quick to snap at the dive instructor from a local boat when he grabbed a small Hawksbill and held him out of the water. He explained that the turtle actually had a small hook in his mouth and was seeing if it was something he could remove. It was nice to see the care these locals took with the turtles, the only time they were touched was if something was wrong and they could help.

Any interest in supporting the cause, check out . They also have some pretty great volunteer opportunities for this upcoming season if your gonna be in Barbados soon, why not get to see some baby sea turtles while your at it. 





LOWTIDE / HEAVY SHALLOW BREAK/ - but the wind was howling and the blow back off the waves felt like torrential rain as you floated weightless over the top of one. Bummer my waterproof housing was shot, because it would have been a perfect barrel to climb inside of and fire off that shutter. Just a couple of nice shore shots instead, more from inside the barrel soon! 


East Hampton Summertime Sunsets.

What's free in the Hamptons in the summer time? Not a whole lot. That said there is one thing that I've found to stand true through all of my travel photography adventures. The sun rises, and the sun sets. It's free. Its guaranteed. You might not always see it but it always happens. 


East Hampton, Amagansett, Springs, Southampton, Sag Harbor, or Georgica contain some incredible little hidden beaches, coves, ponds, and waterways (all of which are great for sunrise and sunset). I had a bike and a camera, and that was all you need.


Some say it's cheating, cliche, over done, etc, and I totally agree, that said if the sky happens to look like this I'm taking a picture!